Hello, Nancy Swan. You have asked me if I was present at the Citizen's Forum on Judicial Accountability this year. No, I was not at the Citizen's Forum on Judicial Accountability, nor did we have a representative present.
I have knowledge that the Judicial Commissions across this country are totally worthless and designed to cover for miscreant judges. The original Judicial Commission was created right here in California in 1960, and from here it spread to all the other 49 states. Prior to the creation of Judicial Commissions, the judges of this nation were subject to the People by means of Grand Jury Investigations. In order to block the People from investigating judges, they devised Judicial Commissions to "Investigate" judges, and they thereby removed the power of the People to investigate judges. It was in this manner that all investigations of judges were placed into the control of other judges.
Here in California, complaints gained strength that argued that since we now had Judicial Commissions to investigate judges, the judges controlled the Commission by majority, so a California Initiative was passed that required there to be one more member on the Commission than there were controlling judges. However, the odd member for the Commission was selected by conflicted political hacks. For instance, the State Attorney General got to pick one of the non-judicial members, but he is the attorney for the judges. When the People sue the judges for unlawful acts, it is the Attorney General that comes to their aid. I had a deputy attorney general personally tell me, Ron, you want us to go after the judges for wrongdoing. We cannot do that. We have a conflict of interest. We are their attorneys. When you sue them, we defend them.
We were much better off prior to the development of Judicial Commissions, for the Grand Juries could then investigate and indict judicial wrongdoing. The system has now blocked that avenue. This is why we must have JAIL4Judges because J.A.I.L. is exclusively about Grand Jury investigating judges. Therefore, the system is afraid J.A.I.L. will not only undo what they have deceptively set into motion, but make judges more subject to discipline than ever before. With Judicial Commissions judges are 50% minus one to vote on judicial misconduct. But with J.A.I.L. only the People will have a vote, with the judges accountable directly only to the People. There is no other was this problem of judicial unaccountability can be fixed.
- Ron Branson
P.S. - I'm sorry, but I was not familiar with the Mississippi judicial bribery case.

From: C&N S
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:22 AM
To: JAIL4Judges
Subject: Need information

I spoke at the Citizen's Forum on Judicial Accountability on Capital Hill last May.  Did you have a representative at the forum?  Do you know about the recent judicial bribery convictions in Mississippi involving high profile attorneys Paul Minor and Dickie Scruggs?  The Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance had remained mute through the five years of investigation, trials, convictions, and sentencing. It is a watchdog that does not bark.  I was one of the victims. 
Nancy Swan 
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