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Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Florida Bar does not keep an eye

On its' own membership

Based upon the records found on the Florida Bar Website and the website of the Clerks office in Sarasota Florida, it becomes readily apparent that the Florida Bar does not systematically review the background or current affairs of their membership.

In 1988, a particular member of the bar received official notification of her entitlement to practice law in the State of Florida.  In 1993, this same member of the Florida Bar, intentionally submitted to the public records, via the clerk of the court in Sarasota County, a document containing clearly fraudulent information.   This particular document was entitled “Declaration of Domicile”.

The Declaration of Domicile, according to Florida Statute 222.17, is required to be ‘sworn to' in the presence of one who is authorized under Florida Statute to take affidavits.  This was accomplished, via what appears to be a notary then exercising his right as a Notary of the State of Florida or a court official (the image of the document is not sufficiently clear to distinguish details).  It is well and fine that an individual desires to make publicly known his or her intent to maintain a particular residence or place of abode within the state.  On the other hand, it is a serious infraction of the law for that same person to place within a document which has been sworn to contain truthful information, to also contain other information that is blatantly false, untrue, and obviously stated to reflect no truth at all and with an intent to deceive or give misrepresentation to material facts.  In the document (Declaration of Domicile), this attorney swears that her former residence was located in Brown County and the city of Ripley Florida.  There is not now, nor has there ever been a County entitled Brown, nor is there now and never before been a city called Ripley within the state of Florida.  Is this attorney so incompetent that she would be rendered unable to ascertain where she lived previously, or has this attorney intentionally set out to deceive state officials for the purpose of receiving some benefit that could be accomplished through the use of the Declaration of Domicile?

As an attorney duly authorized to practice law in the state of Florida, and with a sum total of the then 5 years experience, it would seem unlikely that this attorney would not know that there is no such place within the state of Florida, in which she alleged to have previously resided prior to going to Sarasota County and the city of North Port. 

Unfortunately, the statute of frauds found within the Florida Statutes, places a statute of limitation on this type of crime.  That limitation is 5 years from the date the offense occurred. It is now well past that statutory deadline in which this member of the Florida Bar could be penalized in any manner relative to the obvious fact that she has violated the statutory law, breached her oath of office, and committed a treasonous act against the people of Florida (treason by virtue of violating her oath toward the Constitution and laws of Florida).  This also points a bad light at the administration of the Florida Bar.  The Florida Bar, during that 5 year statutory period, took no steps to cause this perpetrator to amend her ways (she was not prosecuted for having committed a felony crime).  On the same note, the Secretary of State for the State of Florida, allowed this criminal act to remain in tact, on the public records of Florida to the date of this writing, and has taken no action against this perpetrator of a felonious act.

Also, according to the same source (Sarasota County Clerks Office), this same attorney has two judgments already in place relative to her inability to stay abreast of her financial obligations to financing companies located external to the state of Florida.  According to the records of the Secretary of State, this attorney also has a judgment lien filed and active on the records of that office.  She (the attorney in question) also has an outstanding court order on record in which, according to the records of the clerk, she has not complied with the mandates thereof.

In more recent events, this same attorney has engaged herself in activities that would lead a reasonable person to believe that she may again be in violation of the attorneys code of ethics.  When her name appeared on a list of people to be deposed in a case at bar, an assistant states attorney provided a false address wherein it made it impossible for the local Sheriffs office to effectively serve the summons to appear for the taking of a deposition.

Here and now, the State of Florida, is stuck with an attorney who cannot accurately ascertain her former residence (either through incompetence or willful deceit); an attorney who cannot manage her monetary affairs in a manner that would preclude her from being attacked by her creditors; an attorney who has attempted to file a complaint against a private citizen for UPL utilizing fabricated evidence and again utilizing misrepresentation and fraud to avoid being served with a summons (the pot calling the kettle black).  The State of Florida is unable to take any form of action against this attorney due to the statute of limitation on such offense and therefore is forced to harbor a felon among the honest employees of the Judiciary system.

The United States Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once stated "Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself." As a member of the Florida Bar, and one that is in good standing with the Florida Bar, this Attorney is an extension of the ‘arm' in which the Florida Bar is known to be.  She sets the example of how some attorneys (extensions of the Florida supreme court) conduct their affairs.  If this is the example, then the people (according to Brandeis) have the same right to conduct their affairs in the same manner (Equality in the law) and receive the same degree of immunity from prosecution.

Not only is this attorney a member in good standing with the Florida Bar, at one point in her career, she also served for two years as an Assistant States Attorney for the 12th Circuit within the state of Florida.  How many citizens did she misrepresent during that tour of duty?  How many citizens were sent to prison or were forced to make monetary compensation or how many families were disrupted as the result of the same type of deceit that she has shown?  Do all the members in ‘good standing' with the Florida Bar have similar type records that have been overlooked by the highest court in this state?  Is this example of a Florida attorney in ‘good standing' the reason why the Florida Bar does not desire to have the lay citizen assisting one another in legal matters? Is this example of a Florida attorney in ‘good standing' what can be expected by the common man or woman when they hire a Florida attorney to represent them in a legal matter?

Susan M Germann; Susan Germann Wright; Susan F Wright are some of the names by which this attorney has been known.  How many other names are applicable to this same attorney, or prior to becoming an attorney how many names are applicable to this individual?  If this attorney cannot remember accurately her former residence, then how can the private sector be certain who this attorney really is.  How can we be certain that she does not have a list of aliases 10 type written pages in length?  Speaking to the above mentioned person, I must inquire “Who are you?”  If she cannot remember her former residence(s), then how can she be expected to remember how many names are truly applicable to her being?

For a period of 14 years as of this writing, Ms Germann or Ms Wright has been operating and residing within the state of Florida in Felony violation of the Florida Statutes.  No one noticed this felony violation until this author discovered the act during an investigation of public records located at the Sarasota Clerks Office.  If the felony act was detected by state agents, then why was this Felon not brought to Justice?  Title 18 USC sections 3, 4, and 5 all relate to “misprision of felony” - turning a blind eye to a felony crime that one knows to have been committed or is about to be committed.   A violation of that Federal statute is a serious crime and can result in stringent penalties.   It is almost beyond comprehension that the state of Florida, with the billions of dollars accessible to its' operation could not accomplish (uncover this felony act) what this author did at virtually no cost to the Florida taxpayers.  Yet and in spite of the findings of this author, this Felon will continue in her deceit, simply because she is a member of the Florida Bar and an extension (via her Bar membership) of the Florida Supreme Court, and because of the magnanimous wisdom of the legislature in making sure felons of this type could be protected by virtue of a statute of limitation.  This Felonious Bar Member will continue absorbing money from the citizens of this state and continue deceiving the people and the court system,  in spite of the obvious facts.

Jerry-Carlos of the family Pitts

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