Subject: Regarding Alabama, a Non-Initiative State
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 19:28:53 -0800
To: "To JAILers World-Wide", "Don Seibold"
CC: "JAILNonInitiative Exclusive Group++"

To:  All JAILers
Regarding Alabama, a Non-Initiative State
Please meet Don Seibold, aka Dr. I.Q., from Alabama who is helping J.A.I.L. in Alabama by paving the way for the passage of J.A.I.L. in that state which is non-initiative. Read his message below which is of interest to all JAILers, including those of the initiative states.
As we know, J.A.I.L. is needed throughout this country --not just in your state. Mr. Seibold said he hopes Alabama would become the 25th initiative state. I didn't realize there were 24 now. I know that some states that call themselves an "initiative" state is only initiative for statutory law, but not for constitutional amendments. So, in those cases, the initiative process is not available for J.A.I.L. According to our records, which are not necessarily accurate, we indicate that there are 32 non-initiative states, leaving only 18 that are initiative for constitutional amendments. So, for those of you in purported "initiative states" make sure the process applies for constitutional amendments as well by checking with your Secretary of State's office.
We're finding that, at least in the state of South Dakota, the Legislature is showing its true colors, and it isn't red, white, and blue. Although they are supposed to be representatives of the People, they are vigorously planning to campaign en masse against J.A.I.L., a People's initiative sponsored by the People.  The S.D. Legislature exists at taxpayers' (i.e., the People's) expense, and yet they see fit to "bite the hand that feeds it." 
Folks, it is getting clearer every day that we don't have a government of the People, by the People, and for the People. The People, by and large, would remain ignorant of this fact were it not for J.A.I.L. being on the 2006 ballot in S.D.  The system has kept this, and many other facts, hidden from the People for two hundred years. 
As Mr. Seibold says,  I hope you will consider my effort at least as important as that of JAIL, if not more, because it paves the way for JAIL. As I've pointed out, the American People have to see to it that they are allowed to peacefully exercise their inherent right and DUTY to alter or amend the purported "government" in every state, and restore the Constitutional Republic for the purposes of respecting and protecting our rights. This is a vital DUTY that only the People can carry out.
Our thanks to Mr. Seibold, and to Harold Sorensen, the Alabama JIC who is doing a mighty work for Alabama J.A.I.L.  We're going to see Alabama as we've never seen it before, and all of us are most grateful. Harold's email address is if any of you would like to express your appreciation. Contact Mr. Seibold for any assistance he can be to you, for as he says united we can stand, but divided we remain in submission to the powers-that-be.

----- Original Message -----
From: Don Seibold
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 1:46 PM
Subject: Congratulations on becoming wardens for JAIL

I congratulate and commend you for being civic-minded enough to become JAIL Wardens in Alabama. We need hundreds of thousands more of our citizens to determine to actually do something positive, instead of just grumbling and griping about our situation. Mr. Sorensen is making a good beginning at organizing and growing JAIL here. "From a tiny acorn, does a mighty oak grow."
A testament as to what can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time is the Democracy Defense League (DDL), a non-partisan multi-racial group of concerned citizens, such as you, that is fighting voter fraud in the area around Greensboro, AL; and which, just a few days ago won their first victory with a court decision that threw out the Mayor of Greensboro who had been elected with fraudulent votes, and replaced him with the lady who had opposed him in their last election. You may wish to check into the group's Website to see how it was done @
While DDL has an agenda of abolishing voter fraud, and JAIL has a different agenda of, from what I understand, abolishing crime in the courts, both groups have one thing in common. The legislative agenda of both groups will be fiercely opposed by those who hold power in, and over, our state legislature, and will find that the door you must walk through to become successful is tightly locked and barred.
I have a different agenda that is applicable to both DDL and JAIL -- securing the key that will unlock that door and remove the bars. That key, which I believe is acknowledged by the national JAIL organization, is a process called Initiative and Referendum (I&R). Simply stated, in case you don't already know, I&R is a process that provides a means and method for voters in a state to initiate desired and needed legislation when a legislature such as ours refuses to. On my website, which is devoted to helping Alabama become the 25th state with an I&R process, @, anyone can navigate through the site and other sites linked from the menu page, or as your good Dr. I.Q. (that's me) calls it, "The Formulary", and learn more than they would ever want to know about I&R.
I hope you will investigate the potential good that come from securing I&R for Alabamians of all political persuasions, income levels, ethic groups, or any other classification you can think of, except for the "Big Mules" that now have all of the power in our state government.
DDL leaders, since hearing from me, and studying I&R, will discuss adding support for I&R to their agenda in a board meeting scheduled to take place on January 28, two days from now. I hope JAIL leaders in Alabama will follow their example
As I type this, there is a constitutional amendment bill (HB325) in the hands of the House of Representatives Constitution and Elections Committee that could bring I&R to us. On my website you will find information about what every concerned Alabamian needs to DO IMMEDIATELY to help get it approved in the current legislative session @ and @
I hope you will consider my effort at least as important as that of JAIL, if not more, because it paves the way for JAIL, and spread this information I have just presented to everyone you know in Alabama expeditiously, and that from this small acorn a mighty oak will soon grow.
If you have questions, concerns, or whatever, don't neglect emailing them to me @ because united we can stand, but divided we remain in submission to the powers-that-be.


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