America's Greatest Criminals Wear Black Robes, Not Black Masks

Below posted on the SacBee Newspaper Comments:

America's greatest criminals wear black robes, not black masks. I am currently in the U.S. Supreme Court over a case in which involves the County of Los Angeles creating a false and fraudulent Minute Order that states I was present and was arraigned on criminal charges in which I knew nothing about. I requested of the court reporter named in that Minute Order a transcript of that court proceeding, but was informed that no such arraignment took place. I asked if she would sign an affidavit confirming this, and she did. I sought to impeach that record in the Appellate Department on appeal and was told that the impeachment did not square with the Minute Order record. Of course not, as no fraudulent record will comport with the impeachment of that record.
I sued and in Federal Court, judge after judge recused themselves from the case until they got a cooperative fifth federal judge to dismiss the case immediately prior to a hearing on a Motion for Sanctions against these judges for refusing to produce the transcript of the event on which they relied that I was arraigned on criminal charges. I appealed this fifth federal judge's dismissal to the Ninth Circuit, and five days later an Order was issued stating the intent to affirm the dismissal of the action though there was only a Notice of Appeal which according to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedures cannot be dismissed. The intent was followed up with an actual affirmation of dismissal with absolutely no record, no Opening Brief, and no Questions Presented on Appeal. This case, as of Mar. 1st this month, has been received and filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, and is now pending. Yet to be ascertained is the question, "What is the purpose of the Courts?" Supposedly to avoid settling our differences in the streets. But when we consider that it is the judges who are themselves the greatest criminals in America, it is hard to understand why these criminals are to be protected in privacy of their criminality.

Ron Branson