Here is the story as presented to me by Rose Lear who is in touch with Bill Stegmeier. Bill has been given a federal sentence of 24 months for the "crime" of allegedly stowing away a federal income tax cheat and for providing arms to a convicted felon.

One the other side of the story, I am informed that Bill provided a job to a man whom he has known that needed a job, and provided him a place to stay on his motorhome. Unknown to Bill was any knowledge of a tax matter respecting this individual he was helping out. At to the gun, Bill had his personal belongings on his motorhome, among which was his personal hidden weapon. So the powers that be charged Bill with arming and hiding a fugitive, for which that put him away for two years, and now has a felony record himself, and is no longer allowed to own any guns, which is very important to Bill as he turns a seven-figure salary, being the copyright owner of his grain machinery invention, and having some 18 employees.

Ron Branson

Webmnaster's Note: Bill Stegmeir sentenced to 24 months in prison.