What J.A.I.L. Would Have Prevented

by Lawrence Agee, MD


Dear Ron,
If JAIL had existed 10 years ago, my home would not now be in foreclosure. I am about to lose $350,000 of equity because of a sham judgment lien placed on my home. This lien was literally created out of thin air by a judge. He denied me due process in a divorce (7 month marriage). I sued him. His defense? "I'm immune."
JAIL would prohibit:
["no immunities shielding a judge from frivolous and harassing actions shall be construed to extend to"] j4j
  • any deliberate violation of law
  • fraud or conspiracy
  • intentional violation of due process of law
  • deliberate disregard of material allegations
  • judicial acts without jurisdiction
  • blocking of a lawful conclusion of a case
  • or any deliberate violation of the Constitutions of [state] or the United States.
I alleged all of these things in my lawsuit against this judge. My lawsuit was dismissed on the grounds of "judicial immunity." No other defense was raised by the judge. He never denied he did those things I accused him of. It would have been hard to deny what was clearly obvious in a transcript.
Also, if JAIL existed then, I would not be unemployed for the last 7 years. After my lawsuit was "denied" from the US Supreme court, I was retaliated against. Can I prove retaliation? Yes, I can, with my evidence.
They took my money (wired it out of my accounts), they took my home (sham foreclosure, theft by lien, 12% interest on a phony debt). Then to completely ruin me, they took from me my career as a doctor. Soon, I will be back to living in my van....and wondering, wondering when this nightmare will end.
For those of you who think we don't need this legislation, look what they were able to do to me. It took them less than one hour in a "court of law" to ruin me. If they could rob me and cheat me at will, they can do it to you. if you challenge them, as it stands now, all they need to do is say: "you can't touch me, 'cuz I'm immune."
Lawrence Agee, MD