Judicial Horror Stories
Los Angeles, California                                        October 28, 2005
Disclaimer: We have been asked to post examples of judicial corruption as told by alleged victims thereof. We say "alleged" because J.A.I.L. cannot vouch for the authenticity and truth of these "horror stories" as we call them. They are merely the testimony of the writer to inform the public of examples of what is allegedly happening to the People in our courts today to show the dire need to make J.A.I.L. a reality. J.A.I.L. takes no position one way or the other of the personal views stated by the writer. Please understand that we cannot possibly post ALL testimonies we receive. For any questions or comments about the contents of the article, please direct them to the writer of the article, shown below. Do not burden J.A.I.L.'s already over-burdened email. Thank you. 

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Truth and Justice Don't Matter In Our Courts
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And the trial was a travesty! I was there along with many others. They wouldn't allow any supreme court decisions in Irwin, Cindy and Larry's case. I was there. I saw it.
They didn't allow Irwin to say anything. Everything was objected to by the prosecutors and sustained by the judge.
"Entered", evidence was not allowed to be viewed by the jury when they asked to see it. They wanted to see Cindy's well worn code manual and a new one for comparison. "Denied"
Ex parte communications took place and the judge even admitted it. And said it was not proprietary.
Irwin could not bring all of his witnesses in to testify and the ones that were allowed were limited to character witnesses only. Some of the witnesses were marandized after they were sworn in. I couldn't believe it!
Irwin's hearing problem made it difficult to know what was being said behind him, which got him sanctions equaling 2 or more years in jail. The government would make objections while sitting behind him and Irwin couldn't here them so he kept on presenting his case. The judge would sustain the objections and Irwin didn't even know it was made. He could have walked in with his hands tied behind his back and duct tape over his mouth to get his message across.
They wouldn't provide transcripts and only allowed him to view the dailies a few days before the trial was over.
I can go on and on, it would make your head swim! Irwin went in there believing that truth and justice would prevail. He learned the hard way that it doesn't matter any more. The constitution is barely hanging by a thread. I saw it with my own eyes. When it comes to messing with their "take" they will mow you down regardless of who's watching.
Irwin Schiff News
Time Is Running Out -- For All Of Us
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I think this gives a pretty good run down of the things done to prevent Irwin Schiff (or anyone for that matter) from having a fair trial. Trials are a sham, designed to fool the unenlightened masses. They think they are being protected by the state that is screwing them. That naiveté begins with the public school system that was created not to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to turn out docile compliant citizens. In that regard, it has been a colossal success.

Remember that when a jury is impaneled, those people are specifically chosen for their mushy, malleable minds. Show any signs of being able to think, and you will be rejected. In this case a FIJA worker was arrested to prevent him from turning some of that mush into brains.

If a person were to have a dispute with me, and I said that it could be settled by one of my tight bros, all who had more brains than an oyster would immediately see that they wouldn't have a chance. But the same thing happens with the state every time, and the overwhelming majority don't give it a second thought. The judge and the prosecutors both get their checks from the same source — the United States treasury. And by the way, the jury is the real judge, the judge's role is really more of a referee, or at least should be. But here, and in most case, he is actively working for the interests of those who pay him — the state.

This woman says we should shoot the bastards... She makes a lot of good points. If we can't get a fair hearing, is there any other way? Educating our fellow citizens doesn't seem to be making much headway.

As combative as I am, I would rather seek a peaceful solution. Fighting is just a lot of work, and I'm not all that much into hard work. But everyday, I become less optimistic. I'm well past prime now, but if there is going to be a fight, I hope it comes before I get too old to acquit myself well in battle. The mind and spirit are willing, but the flesh is weakening. At 63, I think I'm a more dangerous adversary than I was at 23, but how much longer will I be able to say that?

Folks, time is running out — for all of us.

Jim Pruitt

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