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Los Angeles, California                              November 22, 2006
The Inherent Right of ALL People to Alter or Reform Government.
The Right Upon Which All Other Rights Depend
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
By Barbie, info@jail4judges.org
Along with "judicial independence" a word so frequently ranted in the No-on-E campaign against South Dakota J.A.I.L. was "decisions" --basically three kinds:
And what do they all have in common, other than "decisions"?
The propaganda about "decisions" is the headline-fraud bombasted to the public about J.A.I.L. because it is the lie that will have the most emotional affect on people, to wit, "J.A.I.L. will allow people to sue judges for decisions they don't like"
[now, that's a classic! --that'll get 'em every time! --watch for it at the next election!] and various perversions of it, "sue judges for unpopular decisions," or "sue judges for their official decision-making."  This propaganda has been successfully carried out, despite the fact that nowhere does the J.A.I.L. Amendment state, or even imply, such a ridiculous proposition. But people gobble it up like chocolate pudding! The opposition relies on the gullibility of the People, stating that "despite what the proponents of the amendment state, or what the amendment itself states, they really mean... "  No matter if the sky looks blue, it's REALLY bright red, full of blood, and it's FALLING! Stay away from it! (Yes folks, it's that ridiculous!)
This is the same pattern that the enemy, usually the legal fraternity, uses when defending government against a pro-se plaintiff. "Despite what plaintiff states in his complaint, what really happened is... "  "...what he really means is ..."  They are able to come in with propaganda in the courtroom, submitting another and different "complaint" (their version) rather than a defense to plaintiff's complaint; and the judge invariably uses the defendant's set of facts as the controlling facts of the case. Defendant's statement of the case is (as are all defense documents) the script followed by the judge as to how he should rule and what he publishes as the facts of the case in a published decision, so the public reads a distorted version of the plaintiff's case, twisted and perverted to conform to the desired result against the plaintiff. Yet pointing this out to all appeals courts, with evidence from the record, is for naught--the propaganda controls.
Taking the fraud to the Legislature, complete with evidence, amounts to "This is a real head-scratcher" and "we can't interfere with the judiciary." Taking it to the Attorney General, the Public-Relations Manager in Sacramento told us we came to the right place, made copies of key portions of our paperwork, and told us their office would investigate the matter and get back to us on an expedited basis. From that point on, all communication was completely blocked between us and the AG's office; same thing with the Governor's office. They just can't deal with truth! But are the People just going to walk away and shrug their shoulders and say "Aw, shucks!"? Is that the way to see to it that our rights are protected by our public servants?  Yes, People, the propagandists are your public servants! The People pay for that propaganda-- in more ways than one. 
There you have it!  We'll find this whenever and wherever the People meet up with the enemy --the Establishment surrounding the judiciary. Now we're finding it in the election campaign and voting process-- even to the point of criminal conduct on the part of the executive and legislative branches of the South Dakota government rallying to the protection of the judicial branch. See ample documentary evidence in JNJ dated Nov. 19th, titled "J.A.I.L. Didn't Lose, It Wasn't Honestly Presented to the Voters."
Despite the propaganda --the only tool available to the enemy-- J.A.I.L. will continue to provide the truth and support it with evidence. As pointed out in the above-titled JNJ, the key provision of the amendment states:

2. Immunity. No immunity shall extend to any judge of this State for any deliberate violation of law, fraud or conspiracy, intentional violation of due process of law, deliberate disregard of material facts, judicial acts without jurisdiction, blocking of a lawful conclusion of a case, or any deliberate violation of the Constitutions of South Dakota or the United States, notwithstanding Common Law, or any other contrary statute.

As can be seen, that provision lists VIOLATIONS which are subject to J.A.I.L. scrutiny. There is nothing about DECISIONS. If it can be extrapolated by any stretch of the imagination that the above paragraph implies "decisionsmade by the judge to proceed with those acts in violation of law, it is the VIOLATION itself that is of concern, not the DECISION to commit the VIOLATION(See Parable of the Left-Hand Turn). In truth, a "decision" to violate the law is not a decision in legal contemplation, since there is no jurisdiction to make such a "decision." No "decision" can be reached until all legal procedures are first properly followed in order to arrive at a "decision" at the conclusion of the case. J.A.I.L. deals only with the procedural phase --not with "decisions."
Again, we see a pattern here, regarding the false application of the term "decision." The Rooker-Feldman doctrine says that a litigant may not file a federal complaint based on a "state court decision" because the federal court may not interfere with the finality of decisions of state courts. That makes sense if the term "decision" was properly applied. Usually a case is brought to federal court under Title 42 because of procedural violations in state court, such as a violation of due process, which is a federal violation. Procedural VIOLATIONS do not involve DECISIONS in state court --yet plaintiffs are routinely closed out from a federal remedy on the false basis of the state matter amounting to a "state court DECISION." Even the federal courts flee to the propaganda that plaintiffs are assailing "state court decisions" they "don't like." The word VIOLATION is not in their vocabulary and is always switched to DECISION when the subject-matter deals with judicial misconduct.
We have arrived at the next chapter in the life of J.A.I.L. --learning how to recognize and deal with the propaganda of the enemy to keep the judiciary "independent" of the People (remember that rant "judicial independence"?) --that is to keep them unaccountable to the People. That's another line of propaganda: the judiciary is "already accountable."  The question is, to whom?  If the judiciary is "accountable" only to their cronies and not to the People, IT ISN'T ACCOUNTABLE AT ALL!  Remember that the next time around!

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