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Los Angeles, Ca.                                                                     March 25, 2006
The Inherent Right of All People to Alter or Reform Abusive Government.
The Right Upon Which All Other Rights Depend.
"Who stands to be hurt if Amendment E is not passed?"
Would it be the South Dakota Bar Association and lawyers? NO!Would it be the South Dakota Legislature? NO!
Would it be the insurance companies and agencies?  NO!

How Bad Is Bad?
Unlike ten years ago, we are now hearing a lot about the subject of judicial immunity, i.e., judges being above the law and unaccountable no matter what. The word is getting around that you simply cannot sue a judge no matter how evil or corrupt may be the plot and conspiracy against you.
What this J.A.I.L. News Journal seeks to explore is whether the actions of a judge can ever go beyond the mark, that is, to be so egregious and outrageous so as to shock the conscience of the common people in which such conduct cannot qualify for judicial immunity.
Suppose your were wrongfully convicted by a judge and denied the inalienable right to counsel and to defend yourself before a jury in order to out carry out a planned and concerted conspiracy conjured up between your judge and your prosecutor, in which you were sentenced and thrown in jail for eighteen months, and in which the appellate court agreed with the falsity of your conviction in which your conviction was reversed and you were sent back to the evil judge that convicted you, where all charges against you are dismissed.
The question is, does such a willful and egregious conduct qualify you for damages from the judge who damaged you despite the doctrine of judicial immunity? The answer is -- No! The judge is still entitled to the protection of judicial immunity, and you are to receive absolutely nothing for the conspiracy, false conviction and unjust imprisonment.  
Can we not rather endure the brutal beatings of an out-and-out violent criminal more so than that of the actions of such a miscreant judge. With the criminal, at least one might have a chance at successfully suing the criminal for wrong doing, but certainly not a judge. God forbid that we have now come so low in our justice system that a rape, robbery, and extended kidnapping would be chosen rather than face the injustice of a judge. This is the point to which we have come in our "justice system," folks. Now arises JAIL4Judges as the only remedy in such cases to overcome the unlimited abuses that are afflicted by rogue and criminal judges that are covered by judicial immunity.
This is why Amendment E on the ballot in South Dakota this November is so very critical. It is time we call corrupt and evil judges covered by judicial immunity no matter what, to account this year, starting with S.D. 
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WHO PAYS?! When a person is denied counsel, unlawfully convicted and falsely imprisoned for 18 months
Auburn, CA  95602  
March 24, 2006
Plumas County, California Judges Olney, Kaufman and Pangman conspired with county Prosecutors Cunan and McGowan to wrongfully convict and imprison Joseph Robinson through knowing, willing and malicious violation of his right to counsel and his right to present a defense to the jury while California allowed them to do it and then condoned it.

On July 31, 2001, Cunan and Olney wrongfully convicted and then falsely imprisoned Robinson for 567 days before the California State Prison paroled him. Thirty days later, the California Third District Court of Appeal reversed Robinson's conviction because the aforementioned individuals violated his right to counsel. When his case was remitted back to the Plumas County Court for a fair trial, Cunan and Olney dismissed all charges against Robinson.

When Robinson sued the aforementioned individuals and California for monetary damages, they all claimed immunity and United States District Court Judge Burrell ruled that they were all immune from civil liability and ordered the suit to be dismissed.

Robinson's appeal in the Ninth Circuit requests that court to resolve the following issues:

1. Do people who have been unlawfully convicted and falsely imprisoned have the right to a civil remedy? If no, why not? If yes, who pays?

2. Are judges and prosecutors in a court with subject matter jurisdiction immune from civil liability under all circumstances no matter how outrageous their conduct, without exception?

3. Are the following circumstances narrow enough to constitute an exception to judicial and prosecutorial immunity pursuant to this Court's conclusion in Ashelman v. Pope that the exceptions to immunity must be narrowly drawn?
Allegation of judicial/prosecutorial conspiracy to wrongfully convict and imprison a defendant through intentional violation of his right to counsel

Post-conviction imprisonment

Appellate court reversal of the conviction for the violation of right to counsel

Subsequent acquittal or dismissal with prejudice of all charges

4. If not, how narrow does an exception to judicial immunity have to be?

5. Is the state liable under the foregoing circumstances?

The essential question here is: "Who Pays?" When state judges and prosecutors violate the right to counsel to unlawfully convict and falsely imprison an individual for 18 months and then dismiss all of the charges when the case is reversed upon appeal and remitted back for a fair trial, who pays, the state the judges and prosecutors, or the individual who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned? ....
For information on this case, visit www.JusticeOnTrial.org or e-mail JJB@JusticeOnTrial.org
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Auburn, CA   95602
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Vote YES on Amendment E for your future and your own good!

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