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Los Angeles, California                                             February 27, 2006
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Amendment E (Judicial Accountability) is shaking up the entire political scene mightily in South Dakota as no other issue has ever done.
State Senator Garry Moore, an out-going member of the upper house termed out, planned to drop out of legislative politics. However, due to his personal distaste for Amendment E, (Judicial Accountability Initiative Law), he has changed his mind and has decided to run for a demoted seat in the lower house so he can spearhead his personal vendetta against Amendment E.
He says,  "Up until two weeks ago, I was absolutely certain I was not going to run again," Moore said. "But these J.A.I.L.-birds have got me lathered up. I want Amendment E killed." Moore plans to center his energy more toward killing Amendment E than in campaigning for office.
Senator Moore has agreed to face-off in public debates with Amendment E's leaders in order to fulfill his dream of defeating it, which appears to be his prime mission.
Why the vehemence to defeat Amendment E? That is a question J.A.I.L.'s researchers have asked themselves. There is an old saying, "Follow the money." What's in this personally for Senator Garry Moore? What's in this for the rest of Moore's colleagues that they would allow their blood pressure to run dangerously high over Amendment E? We anticipate these public debates to be quite interesting.
At any rate, what is so revealing is the nerve that has been struck among all these legislators by placing judicial accountability upon the South Dakota ballot. There is a famous song, "Georgia On My Mind." J.A.I.L. has motivated a new theme, "J.A.I.L. On My Mind," and the very thought is driving these legislators wildly insane as if it were a crucifix held up in front of a vampire.
Bill Stegmeier stated early on in his mission now known as  Amendment E, "We will be told by our opposition that if this thing passes, it will cause global warming, global cooling, and continental drift."
"Are we indeed being sent a message that if you wish to gain the attention of your legislators in this country, then all you have to do is call for judicial accountability of judges?" says Ron Branson. "Obviously, there is a very real connection. Just imagine if there were a serious call for passage of "The Federal Judicial Accountability & Integrity Legislation" now being held under raps by Congress?"


Press & Dakotan
Moore Says He Will Run For State House Seat

By: Nathan Johnson

South Dakota Senate Minority Leader Garry Moore of Yankton has announced he will be a 2006 state House candidate.

The District 18 Democratic legislator is term-limited out of the state's Senate.

During a phone interview from Pierre Wednesday, Moore said an amendment issue on this year's ballot is the driving force behind his decision.

"Up until two weeks ago, I was absolutely certain I was not going to run again," Moore said. "But these J.A.I.L.-birds have got me lathered up. I want Amendment E killed."

Amendment E, or the Judicial Accountability Law, would allow citizens to sue the state's judges.

"The only way I can speak to that issue, I feel, is if I'm running for the Legislature," Moore said. "I'll have the ability to speak with different people about what Amendment E will do to South Dakota. It's the most preposterous thing I've ever seen, and I want to be a part of that process.

"I'll probably be campaigning more against Amendment E than I will for myself," he said. "That's how strongly I feel about it."

Moore has served in the Legislature for 16 years -- eight in the Senate and eight in the House.

He said his decision to run again was also spurred by the number of people who asked him to seek re-election.

"I guess I'll sit around the Legislature as long as voters will let me sit around here -- and as long as I want to sit around here," Moore said.

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