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Los Angeles, California                                     February 22, 2006
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Proponents of J.A.I.L. called a "posse comitatus nut group"
 Attributed to (S.Dakota) State Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown
Serious typographical error
In reading the below news article, please be advised of a serious typographical error in the second paragraph: "answerable and accountable to no entity other than itself. ..." where the word "no" should be "an."  The first paragraph of the Opening Page of our website at href="../../index.html">www.jail4judges.org states the following: (note also that it says "national ... organization")
J.A.I.L. is a single-issue national grassroots organization designed to end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of the United States. J.A.I.L. recognizes this can be achieved only through making the Judicial Branch of government answerable and accountable to an entity other than itself. At this time it isn't, resulting in the judiciary's arbitrary abuse of the doctrine of judicial immunity, leaving the People without recourse when their inherent rights are violated by judges.
"Nut" Certificate
The same senator making the above analogy (see JNJ title) said to the State Affairs Committee that Mr. Branson is "a Certified Nut." Chet Brokaw of AP asked Ron for his comments on that, and Ron said he had no comment. However, he is waiting to receive his Certificate on parchment over the Seal of the State of South Dakota to put under glass and frame-- just spell his name correctly!
"Nuts" must be anathema to the powers-that-be in South Dakota. About a month or so ago, the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court said that the J.A.I.L. Amendment is "the nuttiest thing I ever heard of." 
Our thanks to David Kranz for his article below.

Judicial initiative might spur attempts
in other states


Article Published: 02/21/06, 2:55 am

Backers of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law are striking back at the South Dakota Legislature after it went on record opposing the measure that will be on the November ballot.

Proponents say the amendment will make the judicial branch of state government "answerable and accountable to no entity other than itself. The entity that this amendment creates is a Special Grand Jury, composed of ordinary South Dakota citizens who are empowered to hear complaints of judicial misconduct," says amendment sponsor Bill Stegmeier of Tea.

But legislators have been sharp in their criticism and argue there is more than meets the eye, and the effect would be more far-reaching.

State Sen. Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown, called the proponents a "posse comitatus nut group" during a speech in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Legislators also are critical of the measure because it is being brought by out-of-state interests.

However, some proponents suggest legislative unrest is a sign that the group is onto something.

"The vehemence by which the system is combating J.A.I.L., (Amendment E), is indicative of their worst fears come true. The system already knows that they are in big trouble in the polls, and they have to pull out the stops in an all-out attempt to scare the voters of South Dakota," said Ron Branson, a California minister.

"There is a proverb, 'He that diggeth a pit shall fall therein,' and this is precisely what our opposition is doing in South Dakota. The publicity taking place there is catching the eye of the entire nation from sea to shining sea," Branson writes.

The topic got more attention from Pam Smith, a reporter for a California publication, The Recorder, who covers the J.A.I.L. measure.

A recent article written by Smith provides more background.

Smith writes: "A feed-machine businessman (BIll Stegmeier) from South Dakota, where the population is roughly 1/50th of California's, has enthusiastically taken up their cause, and is sponsoring a J.A.I.L. initiative there. In December, a petition drive funded by about $140,000 of William Stegmeier's money gathered enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the November ballot."

Supporters, Branson and Gary Zerman, a California lawyer, hope a win in South Dakota will create enough momentum to propel them into other states.

That's also the concern for lawyers and judges who argue a law such as J.A.I.L. would be both unfeasible and philosophically dangerous, Smith wrote.

Backers of the amendment planned to put the proposal on the California ballot, but it required too many signatures to be successful, Smith said.

Branson describes South Dakota as "initiative-friendly," and he has an eye on other states such as Nevada where he might present the measure.

"I'm gambling on the idea that if we prevail in South Dakota, we'll have the attention of so many news sources, and so many money sources will come to us," he figures.

"Success breeds success," Branson told Smith.
David Kranz's column appears Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Write to him at the Argus Leader, Box 5034, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5034.

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