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January 3, 2006

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Ohioan Informs Columbus Dispatch How Misinformed They Are
By: Rebecca Rohrs of Ohio,  antiquitiescuriosities@bnnorth.net   
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From: Antiquities Curiosities
To: letters@dispatch.com
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 8:35 AM
Subject: get out of jail article

To the Editor
         Oh how I wish that the article you wrote was based on facts.......but the fact remains that our testimony spoken under oath, and Sworn in God's name, to be the truth, was changed and unremedied by a judge (magistrate).
          Ten thousand word changes on 378 pages of text.....it took the FBI to step in from Washington DC and Senator Lynn Wacthmann of Ohio to help.....
           Our testimony changes black from white and the testimony of seven witnesses was changed......the same subject matter of all seven witnesses......the Court was very well protected, being that the Magistrate that did this is the wife of a Federal Court Judge who is the son of a retired Supreme Court Judge within the state that this happened.....we are Ohio residents, and the four-day evidentiary trial was in the state of Indiana...this was a CRIME.
           This is not a conspiracy, it's about money and power, something you obviously have not done the research on. I would love to further this conversation with the very misinformed writer of this article.....very misinformed.  Maybe if this had happened to the article writer and they lost over 350,000 dollars fighting a battle over corruption in the arm of the Judiciary they would have different feelings....
          We have the hands-down proof of this CRIMINAL ACT  and letters have been written out of DC proving it's truth.....we have in our possession the audio of the trial supplied by the court and the two court transcripts which were also supplied and certified by the court reporter and the Magistrate......this Magistrate is no longer on the bench but that took three years of our lives and non stop "warring" to see it through.....you can't even imagine......and yet the fraudulent transcript is still on record for the truth and can be used against us in a SUPPOSED court of law.....
You may contact me at any time that is convenient for both parties if you'd like to delve further into this and see first hand the oppression of innocent American victims of court corruption. I will gladly drive to Columbus for this purpose.
     To say the checks and balances protect us is like saying World Com or Enron never happened......I believe those checks and balances failed themselves......just as did ours.....
God bless you and Happy New Year, may it be one that opens its eyes to judiciary corruption and the people may now hold them accountable.....
With Respect, 
Rebecca Rohrs of Ohio

Our thanks to Rebecca Rohrs for sending us a copy.
(Ohio is an initiative state).

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