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Los Angeles, California                                              December 5, 2005

Chief Justices Express Concern Over J.A.I.L.
(By Ron Branson - National J.A.I.L. CIC - VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org)
As many of you may already know, the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court, Ronald George, has voiced his concern about J.A.I.L. saying, California has an "outstanding and impartial" judiciary and doesn't need "extremists telling us how to change a system that has served us so well and to substitute ... a highly politicized system for the impartial process that we enjoy."
Corruption in our California judiciary is definitely no secret. Near everyone in California is familiar with it in one form or another. Even numerous  attorneys who practice daily in the courts are totally discussed with the injustice they witness from our California judges, and few are happy with the status quo. There is little doubt that as this expression of Chief Justice Ronald George spreads out to Californians, it is going to break out into a Tsunami of negative reactions.
Is Chief Justice Ronald George so blind so as not to realize that there are so many multiple hundreds, if not thousands, of reform organizations in California that are totally fed up with California's corruption in the system that to tell them that we don't need "extremists telling us how to change a system that has served us so well," is like sticking one's fingers down their throat and gagging. We shall soon see the reaction to his statement.
Besides Chief Justice Ronald George, we now hear from Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri, Michael Wolff, who is checking in on J.A.I.L.  He says;

"As I have traveled around the state, I am encouraged that members of our profession are appropriately concerned about the current threats. .... Let me give you an example to consider as emblematic of threats that we may face. An initiative petition is being circulated in South Dakota called JAIL, or Judicial Accountability Initiative Law.
The proposal would amend the state's Constitution to create Special Grand Juries for the purpose of investigating complaints against judges, including complaints that a judge ruled the wrong way in deciding a case, or even a particular objection.
These Grand Juries would have the power to sanction judges by levying fines and forfeitures against them and, for third-time offenses, to remove judges from the bench. These Special Grand Juries would have the power to indict judges, subjecting them to criminal proceedings before special trial juries, and to convict and sentence the offending judges.
When I first heard about this, I thought it was something of a joke. But then I heard that some 10,000 persons - about a third of the number necessary to get this on the ballot - have signed the initiative petition. So lest you think that this is a phenomenon of the Wild West, there is an organization contemplating a similar effort right here in Missouri."  ....
Missouri Chief Justice Michael Wolff
Sent to us by
Jeff & Mary,
Missouri JAILers

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