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Los Angeles, California                                                   July 15, 2005
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The Parking Ticket
That Never Quit
Beware - Parking Tickets: High Crime In Portsmouth, NH
By Judith Moriarty
July 12, 2005
I live in New Hampshire which brags on its license plates: "Live Free or 
Die."  My first suggestion to inept officials is that this immediately be 
removed!  We were home to Tyco, the rip off artists, who left multitudes unemployed with their heist of company funds.
Would that officials had been more attentive to REAL crime taking place in our state; rather than arresting Dawn Smith, who was HANDCUFFED, and fingerprinted for her 'supposed' failure to pay a $10.00 parking ticket! It made no difference that Dawn had cancelled checks, etc. The "machine" is incapable of cognitive or critical thinking skills!  ....
The frightening thing about Dawn's case is that we are witnessing a system that has gone haywire. .... Dawn's $10.00 ticket has now swelled into a criminal case-no matter that she is innocent and had the paperwork to prove it! Bureaucratic drones are not permitted to use their own common sense or any critical thinking skills. In fact, it is my opinion, that in today's application process, for any government jobs, that one must prove themselves to be passive, compliant, unquestioning and unthinking!
The perfect [government] applicant is one who is bovine in nature, obedient, subservient and servile! Any individuality or aptitude above a GED level immediately disqualifies one from gainful government employment!
Dawn is not alone in her public humiliation from a city that supposedly 
touts itself on tourism! My son went through the same impossible insanity in Connecticut when a state trooper showed up at the private school where he ... was teaching, with an arrest warrant for a $5.00 
ticket-also paid!
My husband and I were out of state at the time. Thankfully this trooper, not of a bovine nature, and realizing the stupidity of what he was "ordered' to do, gave my son the $50.00 bail money!
He was quite embarrassed by it all, saying it would have to be settled in 
court. Like Dawn, the "machine" had lost any trace of a fine being paid. My son's receipt meant nothing! He was ordered to court. This caused a problem in scheduling. My son was scheduled to be in Ireland, to follow through on a prestigious award he's been given in college, for his photography work!
NO, one couldn't speak to anyone at the courthouse, as they'd all been laid off due to budget constraints. Ireland or court for a five dollar paid 
ticket? What a decision. He called the court from Ireland the day of the
hearing to try and settle this $5.00 crime against humanity. We ended by
having to hire a lawyer, upon his return, which cost us $1000.00 upfront!
Even here it didn't end, as this guy turned out to be a stultified dud, of
the first degree. I had to write up the argument myself as he proved too
incompetent. Naturally we won, but at what cost and what absolute lunacy?
If you read of Dawn's harrowing tale:you might reconsider that trip to 
Portsmouth you had planned! Too bad Dawn wasn't a UN official or a 
politician in Foggy Bottom; a ticket would be no problem. UN officials owe millions in fines, but alas they have diplomatic immunity! To add insult to injury, in our particular case, my son was a cross country cyclist, until a hit and run accident. If not for a group of firemen who'd witnessed the accident and chased the guy down, he'd have never
been caught. It didn't matter though; he turned out to be a UN official.
His diplomatic immunity got him off without so much as a ticket!
All animals are not equal. Yes, the police were quick to serve a warrant for a $5.00 parking ticket on my working son---with, yawn, apparently no greater crime to deal with? ....
Angry-you bet I'm angry. I am angered every time I see the real criminals let loose on society, while grievous errors, such as police arresting innocent citizens for parking tickets, and made to suffer untold financial costs, because city coffers apparently are empty?
The only satisfaction I received from detectives when my son and niece
were attacked by a depraved, degenerate, mutation of humanity was; "You should be glad to know that usually in cases like this the children are murdered!" Imagine---this was to be my consolation (and the children) while this gold coast (CT) city got about protecting their image, or maybe laying in wait for that errant citizen who owed a parking ticket? ....
People need to start standing up for one another-stranger or not. Contact Portsmouth, NH, City Council:
CityClerk@ch.cityofportsmouth.com Chamber of Commerce- Mike McGreevy, mmcgreevy@attbi.com. Next time it could be you---now that innocent American citizens have become the only criminals being

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