J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                             May 30, 2005

Sentiments of Former Australia JIC
by President Donald Torney, vofla@betterlink.com.au
(Followed by Barbie's response, below)
Even if you could con or convince the moron public to vote for JAIL
it would fall apart in a short time.  WHY?  Because none (or very few) of your fellow countrymen would be willing to die for the principle. Much fewer would be willing to kill to maintain its existence.
(And you must be willing to die for freedom).
                                                            --President Torney
----- Original Message -----
From: President Torney
To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:26 PM
Subject: Re: J.A.I.L. In Other Countries

Dear Barbie and Ron,
I hope you will receive this communication in the manner it was intended.
I was interested to see this article referring to John Wilson, the JAILer-In-Chief for Australia.
I am painfully aware that my communications with you have been minimal over the last few years. Having said that, I also have not received responses to any communications (I am not upset as I know you are busy).
The reason for my first ever communication was to provide further international support for your organisation. My theory is this:
An individuals impression of another's power/influence is usually more frightening than the facts.
(human imagination always amplifies factual status).
Your filthy murdering government and its judicial butchers are no different. They can be influenced by what appears to be a force to be reckoned with. I have successfully used  these theories here in Australia.
The image presented by JAIL will always be much more powerful than its self. Having connections internationally will greatly assist your cause. That is the reason I volunteered to man a branch here in Australia.
Since that time (and prior) I have worked with many individuals and organisations here in Australia. There are many differences in your country and ours despite the similar judicial abuse. The main difference is that your government and judiciary etc are up front murderers.
(I quote the illegal invasion of IRAQ and the subsequent slaughter of untold thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens).
The similarity is that our soldiers assisted your country in this slaughter. Our government tends to do things by stealth rather than in the open like your killers ... . Internationally Americans are thought of as the dumbest people alive on this earth, they are hated worldwide.
I was under the misguided conception that Australians were smarter, I was wrong.  Australian citizens (in general) are dumb arses just like Americans. Our citizens vote for murderers just like your stupid population (and that in Britain).  and this is the crux of the whole problem (in my humble opinion).
Humans (in general ) are as dumb as dogshit! In fact I will go as far as to say that they deserve everything that they get. I have watched and analysed many theories and opinions over the years. I have joined with individuals and organisations to take on the abusers. It was all to no avail. In fact it has been a total waste of time.
The only success I achieve is when I exert my own forceful personality and opinions. On these occasions I am almost 100% successful.
this is a long winded email and I apologise for that.
I bring to your attention the fact that I was never officially relieved asJAILer-In-Chief for Australia ) . I am not overly upset by that fact, but common courtesy should have prevailed. 
I originally asked John Wilson to cover the state of NSW as chief jailer (his response was blaze to say the least). John Wilson has fallen off my radar screen in a big way. It has become obvious to many here in Australia that he is pushing a barrow of rotting fruit. In my humble opinion John has lost touch with reality (in a big way).
Most people and organisations here in Australia have lost touch with reality. I would say the majority of Americans have no idea of reality.
Without any sense of loss or malice towards JAIL and its members, I make the following statement. If anything written by John Wilson here in Australia has any credibility to JAIL or its membership, then JAIL has totally lost the plot.
There are many other aspects of JAIL that I would have liked to make comment on, areas that I thought should be discussed and changed. Now it seems irrelevant.
There is one man here in Australia who has actually worked through this human problem, because that's what it is. It's not the judiciary or the government. This man often sends out emails, especially discussing John Wilson's ramblings (amongst others).  This gentleman is the closest person I know to a final solution, I say the closest, because even his rationalisation process has human failings.
JAIL is a wonderful and brave effort on the part of yourself and Ron, but it will never achieve fruition. (I guess that statement is enough to warrant not having me as head jailer here in Australia). BUT! if any idea was going to work, JAIL would be the best solution.
The only way to remove this corruption is by mass public demonstration. Civil disobedience on a grand scale has been the only solution in history.
You may remember that I run an organisation here in Australia called VOFLA. (victims of family law abuse). I take each new candidate down to the local video shop and make them hire two films. Mel Gibson in  THE PATRIOT and BRAVE HEART. I ask them to watch both movies and then have a session with me. I ask them to tell me what it is in each movie that relates to their total dilemma.
There is only one aspect in each film that is relevant to all of mans freedom...
1. Brave Heart is finally torn apart by his captors using vile manners of torture.
    but he remains committed to the end knowing his sperm is growing in the womb of the queen. His sacrifice is total as he gives his life for his country and his principals. and the unborn child.
2. the Patriots children are taken from him by his tormentors (as mine were stolen by the family court). He ambushes the abductors and slaughters them with gun and axe. As he turns to his sons standing behind him (still holding the last victims remains and covered in blood), he sees the look in their eyes and knows that their innocence has been replaced with manhood.
Your citizens, like mine, are not only stupid, they are gutless. They do not deserve to be related to founders of your once great nation. They are an insult to all those who have died to bring what was originally freedom to the USA.
JAIL will never succeed, because your membership is a minority, a very small minority. Your government is willing to kill you to stop you, and they will do this if it ever appears that you will succeed. Your government is a killing machine.
When the ramblings of people such as John Wilson become rational discussion for JAIL and its members, all is lost and it's time to hang up the hat.
May I provide you with the solution to the entire problem? It's the word NO! --one of the smallest words in the English language and the most powerful word on earth.
We don't need JAIL or any other initiative. Judges have absolutely no power whatsoever. One simply adopts the honourable position of not allowing any other person to abuse one's rights. If it be necessary to kill to protect one's family and freedom, so be it.  All of the great men and women of history have used this simple formula, but we as stupid humans cannot learn simple lessons.
Did Ghandi have a gun or a legal document? NO! And neither did any other great freedom fighter in this world's history (including Jesus Christ). Each and every successful freedom fighter has succeeded by saying NO!
It's a simple lesson that humans cannot learn. It does not remove the necessity to kill one's attackers or die for one's beliefs. But that is the secret of the apparent power as quoted by me at the start of this email.  If THEY believe you will die for your beliefs, if they believe you will kill to protect your freedom, you have won the battle before you begin.
I will state here as I have done in other places and in other communications to others over the years. I will kill anyone who abuses or attempts to do harm to myself or my family. I will slaughter them mercilessly. This most often alienates the recipient of this information and causes grief to some.
The fact of the matter is that your country was built on this ideology. as were all great nations. The only freedom available to humans is one where each person respects the freedom of another, but this must be enforced by actions --not hollow threats and failed legislation.
The problem with implementing JAIL to achieve this end is that the population really doesn't give a shit. Those who are bright enough to understand the JAIL incentive (a tiny minority) don't have the vote to implement it. Even if you could con or convince the moron public to vote for JAIL it would fall apart in a short time.  WHY?  Because none (or very few) of your fellow countrymen would be willing to die for the principle. Much fewer would be willing to kill to maintain its existence. (And you must be willing to die for freedom).
I guess this sounds a lot worse than John Wilson's ramblings :) 
only if its taken out of context of the overall problem.
I will issue you and Ron with a challenge to prove that JAIL will never succeed, ever....  Would you be willing to take me up on it? If so reply to this email and I will issue my challenge to all JAIL members.. and I will prove that you will never succeed. or I will make an arse of myself !
I suffer with a psychological ailment similar to Parkinsons, so excuse the apparent dyslexic nature of the content. I have to keep re-reading my material in an effort to produce continuity of subject matter (I don't succeed very often).
Get back to me if you want... or just ignore the entire communication
.....whatever!  Either way I still wish you goodwill and would like to remain on your mailing list.  Take up my challenge if you want....
Former JAILer-In-Chief for Australia
President Trevor Donald Torney

(Barbie's response):
Dear President Torney:
Thank you for your extended thoughts to us. Your apology for being "long winded" wasn't necessary because you had a lot to say, and it was all very provocative and worthy of sharing with our readers. I'm sure that many of them will understand what you are saying and sympathize with you.
My first responsibility here is to apologize for another of my "goofs" which isn't the first, nor will it be the last, I'm sure. In our JNJ dated May 21st, titled "J.A.I.L. In Other Countries" I mistakenly attributed the title of "JAILer-In-Chief for Australia" to John Wilson. It should have read "JAILer-In-Chief for New South Wales" which is only a province, or state, of Australia. I apologize to you, to John, and to everyone.
The fact is, you are the first J.A.I.L. leader to come on board in Australia, and you later recommended John Wilson to lead J.A.I.L. in New South Wales. In actuality, you would be the ACIC for all of Australia, and John would be the JIC for New South Wales (a subdivision of Australia-- like a state here), appointed by you. It wasn't too long ago I mentioned the fact that Ron wants to reorganize the outside countries more appropriately to fit the hierarchy as provided in the Constitution & By-Laws and to be better organized for J.A.I.L. in those countries. We are especially concerned about Canada, being so large and growing for J.A.I.L. rapidly-- we need to announce the plans to establish an overall ACIC for Canada J.A.I.L. who will be responsible for appointing JICs for Canadian provinces. I lament that we haven't had a chance to formally take care of that yet.
We are now paying the price for not being properly organized in Australia, as above shown. No, President (is that your name or is it a title?), we never removed you as JAILer-In-Chief for Australia. Our roster has you listed as the Australia JIC and John as the New South Wales JIC-- which isn't proper, I now know. You recommended John as JIC for NSW, but really you should have been the one to appoint him for Australia, rather than Ron. But we didn't have our heads on straight regarding foreign country J.A.I.L. organization, and I compounded that shortcoming by mistakenly referring to John as Australia JIC. We never expected J.A.I.L. to become so popular in other countries, and so we weren't prepared to seriously deal with it. Canada J.A.I.L. really needs our attention on this matter. Having just filed the J.A.I.L. initiative in South Dakota, I can't say how that will affect Ron's schedule for attention to the foreign organizations. He's already spread out so thin.
In fairness to John Wilson, this communiqué should not be taken as an attack by you on him. Suffice it to say that John doesn't bring in the idea of "kill or be killed" for freedom. So if the lack of such discussion translates into "ramblings" because he doesn't communicate in those terms, then most of us, including J.A.I.L., are "rambling."  We believe that the American People are obliged to go forward with a non-violent method of solving the problem of tyranny before resorting to violence. Some of our readers are ready to go to arms NOW, but we strongly advise against it. Violence isn't the way to go in the first instance.
The Declaration of Independence says that we should "throw off such government, and provide new guards for [our] future security." We believe that it is the corruption of government that must be "thrown off" by providing "new guards."  The only "new guard" for that purpose would be The People, and it's only a matter of how The People will proceed.  J.A.I.L. is that "how to" (at least in this country).
John said that we have to "recapture our courts." I don't believe he meant by violence. But neither did he mention J.A.I.L., which is why I wrote that news journal. He's been fighting tyranny in the trenches and deserves our respect. He must now focus on J.A.I.L. as the "how to" recapture our courts.
Your message appears to be a venting of your spirit due to frustration with society in general --even internationally-- but mainly regarding our two countries (Australia and America). Yes, society as a whole is 
ignorant (sometimes referred to as "stupid" and "dumb"), and that by design. The system has craftily engineered the dumbing down of society through mainly government schools and the media. But we, who are aware, cannot allow the "dummies" to stand in our way to restore our Constitutional Republic. History has taught us that it's always the "few" who will bring success for the "many."  It has always been a minority that has taken positive action to do what the People, as a whole, must do. By nature, we will never achieve a majority willing and able to bring about a solution for tyranny. People, as a whole, are by nature too lazy! All we need is enough of a minority to do the job-- and we are fulfilling that need to get J.A.I.L. passed,  at least in its first state next year.
So President, it's a matter of focus. Rather than concentrating on reasons why J.A.I.L. won't succeed, focus on why it WILL succeed. We have too many nay-sayers with defeatist attitudes on our mailing list. TOO MANY! We need a positive army with a positive outlook on the success of J.A.I.L. If they know of a better answer-- and going to arms is NOT it-- then they should tell us. But nothing better has come up. Common law courts isn't the solution-- the corrupt system is still in place. We have to root out the corruption, and it must be done through the judiciary as the "guardian of our rights." Hold "the guardians" 
accountable to the People!
Mass demonstrations and civil disobedience does not root out the corruption. Accountability to the People is the only way it will happen. We have to give it a chance. If it doesn't work-- That's the time to think about other methods-- but not until then!  Likewise, just saying "No" will not root out the corruption.
Again, thank you for your thoughts. We sense the sincerity with which you expressed them and appreciate your right to be able to do so. These are things we all must share because we are all interested-- at least those on our mailing list (or presumably so.)  It's important to kick around all ideas, providing they are sincere. But it's equally important to have a positive attitude. Defeatism only serves the enemy.
ACIC, National J.A.I.L. Admin.

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