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No Liberty-Friendly Courts
By: Adrian C. Banks www.restoreliberty.com  
...as long as the majority of the people feel safe and secure
in the system, they will not vote to change it.
Therefore, each election cycle adds another link
to the chain that shackles the people's liberties.
                                               -- Adrian Banks
The following article was written almost three years ago, and since its writing, two more links to the "chain that shackles the People's liberties" have been added. Will we add yet another link to that chain in 2006 by failing to pass J.A.I.L. in at least one state?  The writing we have seen "on the wall" in just this past six months, revealing Acts that have been passed by de facto "government" in the name of "national security" should be enough to convince the People that the time for restoring our liberties is extremely limited, and I'm afraid they will be lost forever if we allow another election cycle to go by without the passage of J.A.I.L. -Barbie-
The below article appears on the website shown, posted by New York JAILer, Mark R. Ferran BSEE scl JD mcl  Counselier@aol.com

In a message dated 6/15/02 10:08:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Restoreliberty writes:
The Supreme Court of Mammon
By Adrian Banks
June 15, 2002

Anyone who takes the time to study the rulings of the United States Supreme Court can see that today's court is not the same as the supreme court of, say, a century ago. The older rulings were more liberty friendly. A century ago, people had confidence that the courts would uphold their rights that their Constitution secured them, and the rulings of that time proved this. No so today. Today's courts, from the supreme court on down, show little if any regard for people's constitutional rights. Myself, like many other people who have filed suits in the various state and federal courts for rights violations have found out this bitter truth the hard way. Some of us have even had sanctions imposed against us for filing suits that the courts deemed to be "frivolous." Our rights have become frivolous things in the eyes of today's judges. [See, for example:
http://www.law.emory.edu/1circuit/may2000/99-1675.01a.html ]
I knew there had to be a period in history where something happened that changed the courts into anti-liberty courts. I found it during the period of our history known as the "New Deal" of the 1930's. Roosevelt and his administration massively expanded the size and power of the federal executive. His administration was able to usurp legislative powers, something the supreme court unanimously ruled in 1935 was unconstitutional. Today, Congress writes only about 10% of the laws it votes on. About 90% of all laws are written outside the halls of Congress by Executive bureaucrats and then a congressional representative "sponsors" the legislation. It doesn't take a genius to see that de facto government begets de facto judges.

As the justices of the supreme court died and retired in the 1930's, Roosevelt completely restructured the supreme court by appointing new justices who were pledged, not to uphold the Constitution, but to create whatever fictions were necessary to uphold unconstitutional practices. These justices knew that the Constitution was being violated and that their oath to support the Constitution was a lie. The people overwhelmingly re-elected the very political forces that were destroying the philosophy of government that respected their constitutional rights, and every election cycle today merely keeps these anti-liberty forces in power.

There are no liberty friendly justices on the bench today. In fact, a recent newspaper article pointed out that "The nine Supreme Court justices are richer than all but a small percentage of Americans, with at least five millionaires among them."

So you have found the truth, and now you expect justice from the Supreme Court of Mammon. Once again, money and power controls the system, and this leaves the common working folks out in the cold.

The only way to get truth and justice back in the system would be to throw the money changers out of the temple. But, as long as the majority of the people feel safe and secure in the system, they will not vote to change it. Therefore, each election cycle adds another link to the chain that shackles the people's liberties.

Dead, are the judges who used to respect the people's constitutional rights. In the eyes of today's judges it is your duty to accept the system, the Constitution notwithstanding.

Yours in Liberty
Adrian C. Banks
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