Speaking In Rebuttal To "Ron Is Wrong!"
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From: cassandra vannostrand
To: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org
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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 1:58 PM
Subject: * Ron Is Wrong! Yes, he is wrong about always being right. * *

Dear Mr. Price:
There are those of us in the European Congressional Human Rights Committees ... who consider Ron not only right, but a saint....
Alan Blanes, who is the mediator, and the person responsible for all human rights submissions to Paris for the Unesco Coalition for Peace, stated that we are going to try to raise funds through our sources and send what we can to help Ron, who is the only voice speaking for the right of the world in general.
....He truly deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.
Dr. v-Nostrand,
Alan Blanes,
Coalition for Peace,
Unesco, Ed. division.

J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                       January 31, 2005

Ron Is Wrong!
(By William Price,
The below was sent to Ron Branson by Ronald Wedge requesting I, Ron Branson, respond to William (Bill) Price's comments regarding federal judges.
My first comment is that William's statement that "Ron is wrong," is not unique. I have been charged with that very thing several times by many others, including, "Ron, you're wrong, you're wrong, your wrong! You're always wrong!" This is only the beginning of the year, and while I try to do my best to be perfect, and I am already wrong within the first month. So much for my New Year's Resolution.
William, it is hard for me to keep from laughing, but I am not laughing at you, it is just that I cannot contain myself at your words, "Your criminal complaint under this law cannot be dismissed - repeat cannot be dismissed." 
William, I am well experienced at what you are talking about. I guess I need you to convince our U.S. Attorney here in Los Angeles about the fact that they cannot "dismiss" a criminal complaint against a federal judge. I was told by them that they were "unable to prosecute." This got cynical.
Check applicable boxes:
1) Not enough staff?
2) No one in the office is qualified to prosecute? 
3) Out of money?
4) Don't have time?
5) Don't have jurisdiction?
6) Too political?
7) Don't want to be bothered?
8) Experiencing an office sick-out
9) On strike?
10) Not interested?
They have always tried to play dodge ball with me. I pushed a criminal complaint over the U.S. Attorney to the U.S. Department of Justice who referred me over to the F.B.I.. The F.B.I.  waited a full year, and then wrote me to say they were dismissing my criminal complaint against the federal judge, but gave no reason whatsoever. Again, which of the above ten reasons apply? Not one prosecutor has ever told me in any of my criminal complaints that there was no crime committed by the judge, or that there was insufficient grounds to prosecute. The complaints are always just "dismissed."
William, I currently have around six complaints before Congress for Impeachment. The best I have ever heard from Congress on these impeachments was in one case a letter acknowledging that they had "received a complaint making criminal allegations against a federal judge." My follow-ups and added complaints against other judges have produced no further results. For an approximate ongoing ten years, I have received nothing from Congress. They are just plain afraid to respond.
Please be informed that there are now so many complaints filed against federal judges with prosecutors and Congress so as to make these congressmen knock their knees together in fear that this thing might blow up on them. If there is one thing that these prosecutors want above all else is to keep judicial corruption under wraps.
By the grace of God J.A.I.L. we shall blow this judicial corruption wide open to the full light of day, while gaining the praise of this nation as we prove to be our enemies worse nightmare. Their only hope is that we fail in that mission.
William, you are free to state "Ron is wrong," that is your prerogative. I am not hurt at all, and you should know that your criticism is like throwing a bucket of cold water on a duck. Hopefully you will discover one day the truth, "Ron is right!" and further that "Ron Is Very Right!"
William, I am still working on perfection, but I don't need to have my eyes opened on your instant point that all we need to do is report these criminal activities of judges to the proper prosecutor.
God bless you, dear one,
-Ron Branson

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From: wm.price
To: Ronald Wedge
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2005 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: VictoryUSA@jail4judges.org JAIL4Judges Does Seem To Be The Only Answer

Ronald Wedge,
Ron is wrong, and that is why we are reporting these judges under 18 USC, Chapter 1, Section 4, "Misprision of Felony." You have a duty under the law to report such when committed by a judge, or anyone else.
Your criminal complaint under this law cannot be dismissed - repeat cannot be dismissed. This is where Jail4Judges needs to get off the pity party stuff and get on board with reporting the judges who are breaking the law, and not living up to their constitutional requirement of "good behavior".
You can forward my e-mail to Jail 4judges and let them in on how to deal with judges who commit crimes of fraud, perjury etc.
Bill Price

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