J.A.I.L. News Journal
Los Angeles, California                                         December 2, 2004

Should J.A.I.L. Support
Third Parties?
(Response by Ron Branson - J.A.I.L. CIC)
There seems to be the need for clarification regarding J.A.I.L. J.A.I.L. is often accused of being preclusive, that is, it does not associate with other objectives. Hence, the below question is directed at J.A.I.L., "Does this mean that J4J cannot support or do anything that would support a third party?"
These type questions indicate an ignorance Re: the J.A.I.L. objective. At the heart of J.A.I.L. is the passage of specific verbiage in an Initiative or Legislation. J.A.I.L., like all other legislation is supposed to be, is neither Democrat, Republican, nor Third Party Legislation. Pick any law currently on the books, and then tell me whether it is a Republican, Democrat, or Third Party law. If you can prove your point, then I will show you a law that is unconstitutional. What political party is "justice?" associated with? What party are the courts?
My point is, since J.A.I.L. is about bringing accountability of the judiciary to the People, what political party holds the monopoly on accountability? If you say, "None," then I commend you for your honesty. But if I hear you say,  "Third Parties," then I have to question your honesty.
Some fault J.A.I.L. for not "helping" Third Parties, or their candidates. However, to do so is to limit J.A.I.L. It overlooks the fact that it is Political Parties that support Legislation, and not Legislation that supports  Political Parties, which, as I have pointed out, would be unconstitutional. For instance, what denomination is America? Is it Protestant? Catholic? or Jewish? What political party is America? Is it Democrat? Republican? or Third Party?
J.A.I.L. benefits all political parties, and seeks the support of all political parties. J.A.I.L. is not "Third Party" Legislation, nor can it be so. I should not be placed in the position of having to justify why J.A.I.L. cannot endorse political parties, or lend favoritism to one party over another. Is that so very hard to understand?
And to those who complain about J.A.I.L.'s so-called "preclusive" policy, be it known that J.A.I.L. is the best thing that your party, or anyone else's party, can ever support.
And to those of you who have no eyes to see between the lines, and who lack discernment of the future, I have much more I could tell you, but you are not ready for it yet. May God open your eyes. God bless you all.
-Ron Branson

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 09:23:08 -0800
   From: "Linda Fogh" <lindafogh@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: J.A.I.L. --not "my way or the highway"

Does this mean that J4J cannot support or do anything that would support a third party?

Linda Fogh

From: rick@stanley2002.org
To: TheCREST@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: C.R.E.S.T. J.A.I.L. --not "my way or the highway"
Date: Wed,  1 Dec 2004 10:29:11 -0600

STANLEY NOTE:  No worries Barbie.  I believe in what J.A.I.L. does.  However, I stand by my statements.  Just making a point that had to be made, whether folks like it or not.  God bless you and yours.

Live FREE or Die!

Rick Stanley

Quoting info@jail4judges.org:


This is Barbie writing.  "My way or the highway?"  Absolutely not.

If after reading the J.A.I.L. Mission Statement and the Constitution &
By-Laws and the many J.A.I.L. News Journals we put out
www.jail4judges.org and you still don't understand why J.A.I.L. must remain independent, on its own turf-- and why--  why its program is unique, and not just "one of many," then we don't know what else we can tell you. You should be able to see, from an objective point of view, why J.A.I.L. is on its own, and must be.  It has nothing to do with "Ron Branson" or "his way."

We appreciate your distributing some of our articles and your kind words
of encouragement we've received from you. We hope you can understand the uniqueness of J.A.I.L.  It is about the passage of a specific
constitutional amendment (in the initiative states) or specific legislation (in the legislative states) that would benefit everyone and should have the
support of everyone. The J.A.I.L. process is all spelled out, ready to be
implemented by the people when passed.

Thanks Rick..


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