Victor DePonceau was a scam.  I have had people calling me for months to find out if he was associated with us in any way.  HE IS NOT.  HE NEVER HAS BEEN.  He has been running ads in the newspaper and charging people money to review their case and represent them in court after persuading them to sign a Power of Attorney to him.  The investigator from the Rochester office of the NYS Attorney Genereal contacted me about him a couple of months ago.  Please notice his so-called organization was "Jail (4) Judges"... in contradistinction to "JAIL4Judges".  Ron Branson in California is the founder of JAIL4Judges.  I'm forwarding his email about this to you.  By the way, Ron Branson is looking for someone to take over my position as NYJAILer-In-Chief.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please contact him at
Ron Loeber

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Ron so who takes over?


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