What's Going On In New York?
There has been an imposter who set up shop in Rochester, New York claiming to be the Chief JAILer of New York. He incorporated himself as such and began to run ads in the newspapers and solicited business as J.A.I.L. offering legal advocacy to people seeking legal help for a fee. People started contacting J.A.I.L. stating they had been ripped off, and we had to let these people know that he was not a JAILer, much less the Chief JAILer.
These victims, as well as J.A.I.L., lodged complaints with the State Attorney General. This past Friday this imposter was arrested, and is now facing a criminal trial.
Bill Gage, our ACIC in New York, has asked that we send out the following notice to the JAILers.
-Ron Branson

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From: Bill Gage
To: lmorrill@batavianews.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 1:30 PM
Subject: RE: Victor A. DePonceau

Please pass this word along:

Victor DePonceau is not in any way connected with JAIL4Judges or has he ever been connected in any way! All of DePonceau's actions have been his and his alone. JAIL4judges is not an advocacy group and does not intend to be one. Please go to www.JAIL4Judges.org and read our agenda.
Any actions on Mr. DePonceau's part have been his alone. He has never paid dues to be a member.  If you have any questions, call 518-282-9818

Government the way it is, or government the way it should be? You make the choice!
Bill Gage, ACIC

From: Liz Morrill <lmorrill@batavianews.com>
To: <bill@nyjail4judges.com>
Subject: Victor A. DePonceau
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 15:55:26 -0400

Is Victor DePonceau the Regional Director District Chief JAILer in
Rochester, NY?

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