Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

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372 Misconduct Complaints
372 Complaint 12-17-94 (pdf) 50722 bytes
Supp 372 Complaint 1-17-95 (pdf) 19345 bytes
2nd Supp 372 Complaint 1-23-95 (pdf) 27647 bytes
3rd Supp 372 Complaint 3-9-95 (pdf) 31056 bytes
Ltrs to House Jud, DOJ & FBI (pdf) 80640 bytes
Publications on the Ninth Circuit
Ninth Circuit, The Enemy Within
Godzilla Must Be Destroyed
In Regards to Complaints of Judicial Misconduct Numbers 99-80153 and 54
BRANSON v. NOTT, 62 F.3d 287 (9th Cir. 1995)
Lockheed and Parking Violations
USSC Docket No. 99-585
Petition to Congress for Articles of Impeachment (pdf) 111 K Bytes
Parking Fed - Supplemental Brf (Certiorari) (pdf) 76774 bytes

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