J.A.I.L.er Recruitment Form

Please answer the following basic questions.

What is your address? (Street address requested, but optional)

Telephone Number.

What is your county's name?

What is your email address?

I am available for periodic public demonstrations.

How many miles would you be willing to travel for J.A.I.L.?

I have primary leadership qualities.

I have secondary leadership qualities.

I have public speaking qualities.

I have abilities in Public Relations.

I have experience as a radio talk show host.

I have knowledge in accounting or banking.

I have secretarial skills.

I have a good phone personality.

I have webmastering talent or computer skills.

I have experience in fundraising.

I will donate a few hours of time for misc. projects for J.A.I.L. as requested.

I will donate at least $20 per month regular support.

I have signmaking, artistic, or printing skills that may be helpful to J.A.I.L.

I have a legal background in law.

Are you an attorney?

Do you have other professional skills or talents that may be helpful to the cause of J.A.I.L.,
which we have not covered above?

Please give us a background about yourself as to your past experiences and highlights,
and what you think of J.A.I.L., and why you are taking up this cause.

Thank you for taking the time to dedicate yourself to your country as a J.A.I.L.er.

Ronald Branson,
Author/Founder of J.A.I.L.4Judges