The J.A.I.L. initiative was written in California, so what is it doing being in my state?

When J.A.I.L. qualified for the ballot in South Dakota state senator Lee Schoenbeck said in remarks directed toward Branson. "We don't need your trash here." Tom Barnett, the Executive Director of the South Dakota Bar, said "We wish they just would've started out in California and stayed there." But had this initiative been written on Mars they also would have wished it had stayed on Mars. And if it had been written by someone in South Dakota it is about certainty they would have wished it had remained in that someone's computer. The fact is the initiative was adopted by a South Dakota business man, William Stegmeier, who financed the signature gathering with $140,000 of his own money. The initiative was defeated with advertising revenue that for the most part came from outside of South Dakota.

If the J.A.I.L. initiative is in your state it is because enough people in your state have recognized the need for it in your state, they have organized, and have gathered enough signatures from people who also recognize the need.

J.A.I.L. is a national grass roots movement with the goal of passage in all 50 states and passage of a federal version also.