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Dear Ron, how much do the CA. signature gathering companies want to put JAIL on the ballot? Also, has anyone done focus groups to determine if the public would overwhelmingly support it? Then the big question: Would the courts rule it unconstitutional? Thanks.

Hello, Bob:
Here are my responses to your questions regarding passage of J.A.I.L. as it pertains to California. The market rate per signature runs at approximately $1 each. The more a cause is willing to pay per signature moves it to a higher priority in collecting signatures.
The individuals who work for, and collect signatures for the signature-gathering companies work on a competitive basis. For instance, if there were a cause that was paying $1.35 per signature competing with another cause  that only paid .75 cents, you can readily figure out who is going to get the most attention.
Now there are some variables in this equation. If the time of gathering signatures is in an off-year election period, and there are not many (or any) issues being circulated, then individuals will gather signatures for less because it is for them to either make .50 cents each, or not to work and make nothing. Likewise then, when the field is busy, and every else's cause is trying to get signatures, the price per signature rises considerable due to competition.
There is one other lesser factor for consideration. If a hired signature gather likes a particular issue, he is more willing to invest his time at a lesser amount in gathering signatures because of his personal desire for passage of the issue. This is where J.A.I.L. has a very strong advantage, because so many have indicated a desire to circulate it for lesser money, - but they will not work for free. So, the $1 factor is an approximate. I've even had the owner of a signature-gathering company tell me that for the sake of passage of J.A.I.L., they would even forgo their company's commission on the deal.
To get a Constitutional Initiative on the ballot here in California, it requires 700,000 good signatures considering them all to be perfect signatures. Since to expect all perfect signatures is unreasonable, an overage of signatures are naturally figured in. It is anyone's guess as to how many overage signatures are enough, but I've been told to plan for a total minimum number of one million signatures to cover for faulty signatures, plus a bit more if the financial support is there. 
The hired signature gathering companies manage the entire process, and  acquire their commission off the top, for they have the connections to make it all happen. The work they do is check the signatures and scratch through obvious faulty ones, making sure the circulator has signed properly, safe-keeping of completed petitions, and properly and timely delivering the petitions to the individual appropriate County Registrar Recorders Offices.
One may enter a signed contract with the signature-gathering company that you will pay them X amount flat out for a guaranteed X number of signatures, with their guaranteed assurance that the issue will be placed on the ballot, or they shall receive nothing. All this is negotiable between you and them.
There has been no official study conducted to determine whether the general public will overwhelmingly support J.A.I.L. All I can say is that having personally been out there on the street collecting 5,000 signatures myself, the public readily signs the petition even more so that they do most all petitions because of their approval to its cause.
People will normally read only the first two lines of the short summary placed on the petition by the State Attorney General, and they are instantly ready to sign without questioning. I've circulated three clipboards all at the same time with everyone desiring to sign. In front of a court, I acquired some 45 signatures as fast as everyone down the line could sign them. It was like distributing free hot dogs. One man who signed said, my wife is coming, and she will sign too. When she arrived, he told her to sign, and she asked, "What's this about?" He told her, "Never mind, just sign it," and she did immediately. 
I've found no lack of public interest at any time in collecting signatures. I was sitting with Anne Winner at a booth for getting people to register to vote, and I had with me the JAIL Initiative I set out. Anne was getting only about three people registered to vote per hour, and at the same time, people were standing in line signing the J.A.I.L. Initiative one after the other. Anne was so shocked at the people's great interest in judicial accountability, and its need.
As to your question, would the courts declare it unconstitutional? The answer is "yes," if they could. But there is one provisionary within the J.A.I.L. Initiative itself that is different from all other initiative heretofore, and that is that the Initiative is directed at the judiciary itself, creating a conflict for all the judges, to which the Legislative Analysist himself asked me, if the portion that says No judge under the jurisdiction of the Special Grand Jury, or affected by his own decision, shall sit in judgment upon any matter pertaining to this Initiative, mean that no judge in California may sit in judgment on this? To which I responded, "Yes."
Will there be a warfare over J.A.I.L.? You bet there will be, and we will have to go to war to defend it. But like any other battle for truth, we must proceed on in the face the enemy who is determined to destroy us all. J.A.I.L. will create the greatest war since who knows when. But take a stand we MUST! There is no other way!
Okay, let me hear your response, and further questions on what I have just said. God bless you, Bob.

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From: Nick Jesson
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Subject: RE: Tears Flowing Like A River

After watching the story on Waco at 2am: I just could not sleep any longer. As I watched how our government MURDER small children, women and 
babies I was heart broken. Then to hear that our Senate stated that these people killed themselves, made me even sicker and more sadden.

After watching all the evidence showing how these people were murder by
our government when trying to get out of a burning building, makes me 
wonder how in Gods name do these people sleep at night?

I only watch what happen and had nothing to do with any of the murders, 
yet I could not sleep knowing that the sounds from babies being burnt to 
death had to be heard from hundreds of yards away. However this had NO 
effect on the evil people that were in charge and the ones that carried 
out the orders!

Think about the choice the people had, either to stay and be burnt to death, or run from the building and be shot to death by a treasonous evil person!

This is the type of government we have, after 10 years most of these same people that were in charge of the mass murder are still holding some type of office in our government. These people died for nothing, nothing has changed, other than to get worse.

You have to stop and think why were these people willing to give their lives? As they all lay dead and still in their graves, the rest of American has just turned their backs and quietly hope this never happens to them.

Sadly to say this is only a beginning. Once we allow this evil corrupted 
government to get away with mass MURDER nothing will stop them. When  will we have the courage to take back Gods Nation?

May God be with all of us, sincerely,
Nick Jesson


Thanks, Nick, for writing. We have the means to take back our nation, and it's a simple thing. We are just awaiting the financial support to do it. I am told by the professional signature-gathering companies that even in a state like California they can have all the signatures necessary to get J.A.I.L. on the ballot here within 60 days, and they will even guarantee it to be on the ballot. They just want to be paid.