The Joy of Being a Sole Heir
(By Confidential)
The below was shared with us, with a request that their identity be excluded. To protect the innocent, the identity has been removed, and any identifier facts have been changed.
Aren't we so happy to be informed that we are the sole heir to a family estate.  This, of course, means that there are no contesters, and we will inherit the entire estate. Things should run smooth, and in no time we will be given control of the estate.
But wait a minute. You need to hear a real-to-life experience of the joys of being a sole heir, an experience that could await any one of us.
Meet Confidential

I was referred to this site. I do not expect anyone to help me. You see, I was appointed executrix of the family estate. There are no contesting parties. The judge held the estate in limbo for years, not bothering to probate it. I begged to know what could be done to resolve things. I found myself saddled with the expenses of finding unknown heirs to challenge the estate.
I hired an attorney, but was informed that the judge was not pleased with my choice of an attorney. I eventually perceived that I would end up with expenses that would ruin my entire life. I wound up losing my career because the judge continually had me coming back to court. Then I lost my own house, and this disrupted my own family's life.

The attorneys who were saying that the judge was at fault suddenly turned on me and demanded payment. I was told to pay the debts or be held in contempt of court. 
I sought to get a loan to pay things off, but I have now arrived at the conclusion that the inheritance is not worth fighting for anymore.

I am now in debt to a private lender to which an attorney recommended to me. My most recent attorney could not help me, saying that the judge wanted my inheritance.